Planned Breedings

Puppy Policy

High's Red Champ and Collins Midwest's Pika

Pit Bull Photo

High's Red Champ
Pit Bull Photo

Collins Midwest's Pika
Puppies are $1,500.00 each.
With a $500.00 deposit to hold a pick from this litter.

Champ X Pika Breeding is scheduled to be made late 2020 

Pick List for High's Red Champ and Collins Midwest's Pika's Puppies

Picks are determined by who gets their deposit in first.
People will choose from all males or females in the litter, according to who gets to pick from them first.
1st Pick Male

Reserved for Mike
1st Pick Female

Reserved for William
2nd Pick Male

Reserved for Jared
2nd Pick Female

Reserved for Rodrigo
3rd Pick Male

Reserved for Bryan
3rd Pick Female

Reserved for Michael
4th Pick Male

Deposit to Hold this Pick: $500.00

Available for: $1,500.00
4th Pick Female

Reserved for April