Bryant's Raising Kain

Kain at 1 Year Old

Kain at around 2-3 Years Old

Kain and our kids playing in the dirt.

Mike, Jake, and Kain

Kain at a few months old.

Bred By:

Owned By: Jennifer Bryant

Sex: Male

Color: Fawn Red Nose



Date of Birth: //

Date of Death: //


Bryant's Raising Kain's Pedigree

Kain was a sweet but tough dog. He didn't much care for strangers, but he loved us and our children with all of his heart. When my son was small and got scared at night, I told him that we were in the next room and Kain was outside of his window. There was nothing to be afraid of. We are very proud to have started our bloodline off with such a great dog!

Written By: Jennifer Bryant